Panagiotis Mantis

Personal Info
Birth Date: 30 September 1981
Birth Place: Athens
Studies: ΤΕΕ  Graduate Β΄ studies cycle
Cars Engineer, Student, Superior Technological Institute of Athens

Foreign Languages: English
Interests: Winter Sports, Swimming
Other Activities: Open Sea Sailing

Athletic Activity
He entered the Sailing world at the age of 8 y.o in the Optimist category of Tzitzifies Kallithea  Sailing Group  (N.O.T.K). In this “little giants” category, he managed to win several medals in many sailing club competitions. In 1994, he transfers to the Piraeus Sailing Group (Ι.Ο.Π). After the Optimist category, he is actively involved in 420 category where he becomes a Greek Champion. Afterwards, in 2001, in 470 Olympic category, he starts his amazing career with the Gold Medal in the World Championship in Istanbul in men’s category. Next year, in 2002, he manages to win again the Word Championship and elevates the Greek flag at the highest top! From 2003 and on, in men’s category, he has participated in all international competitions and events and he is considered as one of the most talented and experienced yachtsman of 470 category. All these years, he is a member of the National and Pre-Olympic team.

Important Victories
2008: 3rd Place Barcelona Week category 470 Men
2007: 3rd Place Semaine Olympique Francaise category 470 Men
2007: 1st Victory  Athens Eurolymp Week category 470 Men
2006: 1st Victory  Athens Eurolymp Week category 470 Men
2005: 1st Victory  Balkan Championship category 470 Men
2004: 2nd Victory  Greek Championship category 470 Men
2003: 1st Victory Balkan Championship category 470 Men
2002: 5th Victory  European Championship category 470 Young Men
2002: 1st Victory Word Championship category 470 Young Men
2001: 1st Victory World Championship Category 470 Young Men